The Universe can’t help but give, even to children

The universe truly is amazing and the more faith I have in it the more it gives me. I was actually sitting and contemplating why we don’t teach children the secret of life, how to find their soul’s purpose and spend their life nourishing their soul. I had the thought that people would say that is way over their head, they couldn’t comprehend that. Yet we teach children about Religion from a very early age and expect them to believe, even though most of that is hard to show evidence and prove.

So as I was contemplating this thought my son walks over to me head down and obviously not happy with life. He had been waiting all day for his mate to return to the caravan park we are holidaying in. I said you know what? Take 5 minutes, lay on the lounge and imagine / picture/ believe Joey, his mate, coming back to the park. What it will look like, feel like, sound like, smell like. So he laid down on the lounge and did this. I actually forgot he was doing it but within 4 minutes he jumps up off the lounge saying “Joey’s back!!”. I hadn’t even heard them return but the point is he was so excited and said “Thanks mum , it actually worked !” “The universe is so cool!”

So not only did the universe answer Will, at the same time it answered me. The answer is Yes! Yes! Yes! Children can be taught about the laws of attraction and have The Secret to an amazing life.

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