Giving our Kids the Gift

“I am going to live on the beach in a beautiful white house, with a beautiful verandah and I will walk along the beach everyday, watching the waves roll in, smelling the salt air and be happy!” This is a statement that my daughter has said to me for a number of years now. When I would question her about this, she was always adamant that this is just how it’s going to be. I used to say “Ok Babe, Good luck with that. You do realise you actually have to have a lot of money to do that?” However, she has never wavered and would always be absolutely sure that her life would end up this way. She can tell me in great detail what the house will look like and feel like.

After a recent life changing experience myself, I realised she actually knows the secret to life. Her soul has obviously been here before and she knows how to be happy. It seems simple but you just have to genuinely believe, for something to happen. To visualise the future, how it feels, how it looks, tastes, sounds will put us in the right vibration and the universe can not help but give it to us. We always say to kids, “You can be whatever you want to be!” However I am not convinced I actually believed what I was saying until now. We all have the power to live amazing file (003) lives, we all have choices that we make everyday and if we make a positive choice or have a positive thought, slowly buy surely the universe will provide. Why do we not share this with our children? Manifesting is believing that our dreams will come true. I am grateful that I have learned this now and that my daughter has helped to affirm my new understanding of the world. I trust that everything, and I mean everything, happens for a reason and I have learned this lesson now because now is the time that I am ready and I was meant to learn it.

Imagine if we taught our children from a young age that they have the power to control their own destiny no matter what the situation is. If we think negative thoughts, if when our children are disappointed or life doesn’t go their way we provide them with the negative language to give them permission to be negative then that will always be there go to. So let’s all try seeing the positive in every situation. Trust me I know that it is difficult but if we can teach our kids this from a young age we will be giving them the tools to continue life into adulthood being healthier than ever before. Mentally Healthier!

She is only 12 but I am really looking forward to the day I sit with her and have a coffee on the verandah at her house on the beach!!!

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