The Signs keep coming!!!

A few weeks ago after I had that first session with my spiritual healer, when she filled me with hope that I am going to beat this disease, I went to the shopping centre and while I was there I went to the book department. I had no reason to go there at all but I just found myself drawn to that area. Again an amazing thing happened, the universe took me there. After 18 months of believing there was no cure to MS and therefore letting it take over my life I picked up a book called Medical Medium by Anthony William. It kind of jumped out at me, as I looked through the index I find Chapter 4: Multiple Sclerosis. I turned to chapter 4 and see the sentence “The truth is Multiple Sclerosis can be healed” 

Wow ! That is exactly what I needed to hear. I already believed it on a spiritual level, as I trust my spirit guides and healer but I now have the physical evidence I need to make this happen. I felt like I was floating out of the shop. I bought the book obviously.

As I was reading the Chapter on MS I came across a page full of suggested supplements to help cure myself. I started to read and recognised some of the words but there was a lot that I didn’t understand which was ok as I already see a medical herbalist, surely she would know all about them. My concern was what if she thinks I am crazy? What if she doesn’t believe in the spirit world? What if she doubts this book?I realised I was just not trusting myself ( old habits die hard). Anyway jump forward to today and I walk in to my medical herbalist to have a chat with her and pick up some supplements. You wouldn’t believe it but right there sitting on her front desk was the book Medical Medium. Of all the books in all the world and of all the times I could have walked in. There it was looking right at me. Thank you Universe another sign that this is actually happening.

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