Beach Hypnosis

Sitting here at the beach and I have realised why I love this place so much and why it is good for my soul. Who wouldn’t love it? It’s magical!

I’m calling it beach hypnosis. My mind stops worrying as soon as I breathe the salt air and even stops thinking about my conscious thoughts. I start seeing the big picture and wonder sets in.

The seasons are changing, it’s Spring now and although it’s still cool there are more people here today, it feels different. Life is evolving and changing for me and that is something I always found a little scary but now that I have let go of fear, I see the beauty in change. Even the beach has changed over the last few weeks. There is now a little creek in the middle of the beach which is causing havoc for a few people I have watched this morning trying to walk along the beach with their shoes on. Some people walk right around it to get down to the waters edge, some people tried jumping over but landed right in it and others just went straight through it shoes and all. Although it caused some drama for these people ( and humour for me) lots of other people loved it. There was an older couple with their camera trying to capture the perfect shot, dogs absolutely loving their new water park and parents who were sitting, watching their toddlers splash in the water. The beach has changed and evolved but change is ok, people obviously still love it.

I am watching a number of surfers sitting waiting for a wave, I think some of them have been out there for over an hour and maybe caught one wave ( there wasn’t much on offer). But I realise they are probably experiencing Beach Hypnosis as well. They probably are clearing their minds and happy to sit out there for hours.

As soon as I step onto the sand or even smell the salt air for that matter my conscious thought, concerns, fears and worries disappear and my subconscious mind kicks in. I get lost in thoughts like the power of the waves, beauty of the rock formations and also the relationships of people at the beach and their relationships with the beach. Why are they here? What purpose does the beach serve to them? Pretty sure for most people it’s a retreat , as they all seem happy. I’m feeling very grateful right now that I live near the coast and get to have time to sit here and breathe the salt air. This place reduces my stress levels dramatically and takes my worries away, which is allowing my body to focus on healing itself.

I feel calm, peaceful, refreshed and I am ready to take on the rest of the day. It will be sure to be a good day ❤️ 🏖

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