Affirmations and the Law of Attraction

One thing that I am going to use heal myself is positive affirmations and the law of attraction. I have known about setting intentions for a long time but have only recently truly understood that they actually work and the reason why they work.

I realise the universe provides for you when you truly believe you can do something. For years whenever I have been writing , ever since being at school many years ago, I have asked the universe to help me put the right words on the page for a positive outcome. Often I would even say this out loud to others when they were reading what I had written. They would often look at me like I was crazy but that didn’t bother me. Whether it be a story, a poem, a work email or even an assignment. Often I would look back and read it and be surprised by what I had written, as if I hadn’t written it myself and it was not familiar to me.

Looking back I now realise I was using the law of attraction. I asked the universe to help because I believed it would and of course it did.

So now I am using this approach to help heal myself from MS. I actually believe it will happen and feel the excitement of it happening and the vibration of it happening. It will happen!

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