Classroom Gratitude

I have just completed the 28 days of gratitude challenge. It has changed my life, the way I think, the way I look, the way I interact with others but most of all the way I feel. It is from the book The Magic by Rhonda Byrnes and I highly recommend that everyone does this. You will literally see the world through different eyes and so will others. When you are grateful for things you realise how much abundance you have in your life and how great you can feel. As I shared my experience with others and told others why I was grateful for them I started to notice the genuine smiles that came to their faces and ultimately the gratitude that came back to me and how this made me feel.

I want to share this news with the whole world, I want to teach everyone that they can experience pure joy by simply changing their thoughts. I was feeling a little frustrated as I did not know how to go about this. But as I am very aware of the law of attraction I knew frustration was not a feeling that would positively serve me. So I just started to talk to my friends about the positive benefits of feeling and showing gratitude.

I actually started looking at my job differently. I realised that as a primary school teacher I had a captive audience. I had the opportunity to teach this year 3 class about gratitude, although I knew time restraints were going to be an issue. So I decided to make one simple change to my day. In the morning instead of taking the roll and marking names off without even interacting with the kids I realised that this is the perfect opportunity to connect with every child in my class to start the day. So now when I take the roll I choose to say the child’s name and when they look at me (It’s important to make eye contact if possible) I repeat their name and say something nice to them. I am in week 5 of doing this now and it feels very different in my class.

I use the same saying for a week and it’s is so lovely now when I open the door in the morning the children can’t wait to say something nice to me. Some things I have said include “I am so grateful you are here today”, ” Thank you for coming today”, “I am so glad you are in my class” “You make my day a little brighter”. The kids faces light up with joy which makes me feel great.

I started out doing this to simply teach these little people in my care about gratitude and hopefully some of them will remember this at some point in their life but I was not prepared for how it has changed the behaviour in my class for the better nor was I prepared for how much I would enjoy the feeling when they show me gratitude.

I am so grateful to have found the 28 day gratitude challenge it has changed how I live and hopefully as I am teaching others about it, friends, family and students, it will change how they live. Focusing on positive things helps us to live the life we were put on this earth for. A happy and joyous one!

Forgiveness is all about me

I did not realise that I was actually hanging on to so much negative emotion that was actually controlling my life. I forgive people so that they can move on but I didn’t realise I often hold on to the negative emotion that is stopping me from existing at the vibration that I love.

While visiting my spiritual healer she asked me if “I forgive easily? “and of course I said “yes” because I thought I did. As I said, I forgive the other person involved so that they can move on with our relationship and ultimately their lives and yet she made me realise I still hold on to the anger, hurt, frustration, disappointment and sadness in my body.

I was blind sided again because I wasn’t who I thought I was. I was holding on to grudges that I didn’t even acknowledge. I realised I felt a lot of anger towards my dad for dying when I was three. It wasn’t his fault, he didn’t deliberately die but somewhere in my body I just felt resentment and anger towards him for bailing on us at such a young age. It seems irrational but it was holding me back from being my higher self. At my healing, I discussed this and for the first time ever I actually said out loud “I forgive you dad” which gave me a feeling of sheer relief and release.

I have been to many medium, psychics and spiritual healers over the years and my dad never came though. This made me think that he truly didn’t care about me, however the moment I said “I forgive you dad” I could feel him holding my hand , squeezing it like my nan used to. Then to my delight Nicole, my healer said “your dad is sitting next to you. He has been there your whole life but you were not at a vibration that could connect with him” Nicole described him to a tee. She was also laughing at him because she said “he is so cheeky!”

I feel like I now have a strong relationship with my dad, he has my back and walks through life with me. Even when others try to knock me down, I’m just like “Are you kidding ? Can’t you see this big, strong amazing guy standing behind me (and his beer gut!). I am now braver than I have ever been. Not only do I know the Universe has my back , I know my dad does too.

For the last month I have been focussing my meditations on forgiveness, sometimes the most random things come up, like the girl that threw my netball onto the road in year 3. But I acknowledge and the I realise. My vibration is no longer bogged down in negative emotions but soaring in the clouds.

I also met one of my spiritual guides at that healing. His energy was phenomenal but I will leave that for a whole other post.

Healing MySelf from Multiple Sclerosis has changed my life for the better. I’m grateful, I’m so glad you came but now MS you may go.

Thanks for reading


Time to Stop! …and smell the roses.


Often in life we are so busy doing, that we forget how to be. During this Journey many times  I stop and think about how my life has bloomed into what it is today. I love reading about the Universe, spirits and how amazing life is meant to be and yet it took Illness to get me to this point as I kept ignoring the signs I was getting. Obviously I have always been a believer but doubt used to sneak into my thoughts. I am currently reading The Universe has your Back by Gabrielle Bernstein. An amazing book which constantly affirms to me all the beliefs I have had for all these years but I just didn’t 100% fully commit to them.  I am actually feeling like I exist at a different vibration these days and I walk around knowing I have my Spirit Guides with me and they also have my back 100%. No longer living in fear but in love and the more I allow myself to experience life and be in the moment, the higher my vibration becomes and the happier life is. Taking time to smell the roses is something I have literally always done but now I show gratitude for all the beautiful things in my life, all the things that were sent to me with love from the Universe and I no longer get caught up in fear of the not so beautiful things in life.

My Puppy Eddie is the perfect example of this. I was never a dog person and neither was my husband, I was always scared of them and actually to be honest I was scared of change! Until one day after being asked by my children many times if we could get a puppy I surrendered and trusted and let go of my fear.  I had so many thoughts going through my head and so many reasons why I thought it wouldn’t work out but thank God I had faith that it would all be for the best. That is how Eddie came into our lives and now I could not imagine our family without him! I am so grateful he was sent to us and he is a constant reminder that the Universe wants us to be happy.

Even Eddie takes the time to smell the roses!!!!!





Cloud Angels

Looking back at my photos from earlier this year it hit me smack in the face. The Universe gave me an amazing sign. I noticed it, I took a photo of it then after I thanked the Universe I totally forgot about it.

One day I was sitting at the rockpool with family and friends. As I looked up I saw the most beautiful cloud. I often see cloud angels and photograph them but this was different. It was a definite sign that I now know was meant for me. It was a beautiful love heart in the clouds.

A message from the universe that self-love holds the answer to my well being and healing. I am so grateful I am on this journey now where I give myself permission to not only acknowledge these amazing signs from the Universe but accept that they are actually for me! 🏖❤️ I will beat this disease!