What’s The Purpose?

I was guttered in the beginning

I couldn’t believe it was so.

What the hell is going on

I didn’t even know.


What was this disease they speak of

and how will it hurt me?

I wasn’t ready for the answers

I didn’t even want to see


I said “This sucks!”

I’ve looked after myself always

Was it all for nothing???


There was a time I said “I’m tough!”

This disease will not win

But through my ignorance I let it

And thank God I looked within.


I am know full of knowledge

and learning more every day.

“I will beat this disease!”

is what I can hear myself say.


I am giving myself love,

I meditate whenever I can.

I believe I am part of the answer

the Universe has a plan.


I am such a different person

to the one I was before.

I have realised my life’s purpose,

I am beginning to see what’s in store.


It’s kindness, love and gratitude

especially to myself.

I have more excitement for life

I am getting down off the shelf.


MS is not going to beat me,

In fact I am grateful that it came.

It’s taught me so much about life

Happiness and self-love is what I have gained.


Thank You for the lessons

and the new life that I know

I have been really good listener

So MS, now you may go!